Joint Ventures

Ready To Elevate Your Agency To The Next Level? Graham Healthcare Group Is Too.

Partnering with Graham Healthcare Group transforms home health and hospice agencies into market leaders.

Why Partner With Us?

Robust Care Delivery Network

We have successfully built multiple healthcare technology platforms and integrated with several technology partners to develop the most robust care delivery network in the industry and improve outcomes, timeliness of care, readmission rates, and patient and provider satisfaction.


From health systems wanting to start their own home health agency to hospital-based agencies that want to double their home health and hospice census, we can scale our enterprise healthcare solutions to meet the needs of any size partner.

Experience With Emerging Payment Models

For over 10 years, we have collaborated with multiple healthcare systems and providers on emerging payment models such as bundled payments and accountable care organizations with a goal of managing utilization without jeopardizing patient care and outcomes.

Tenured Executive Team

With an executive team that has an average tenure of 15 years in healthcare, we have the depth of knowledge to quickly react to the ever-changing healthcare landscape.

Graham’s Accelerate-Care Implementation Model

Integration timelines shouldn’t impact patient care and profitability so our team of implementation experts developed a sophisticated Accelerate-Care Implementation Model that allows us to integrate our services and solutions quickly for any size healthcare system.

Centralized Operations

While still maintaining a hometown feel in the markets we serve with localized clinical and sales teams, we efficiently manage business operations such as finance, human resources, information technology, marketing, and legal from a centralized office for consistent delivery across the continuum.

Proven Results

Graham Healthcare Group delivers results for our partners. In 2015, Graham partnered with one of the largest health systems in the Midwest to manage their home health and hospice business and doubled revenue in one year.

[tlg_skill_bar color=”success” style=”big-progress” title=”Average Productivity Improvement” amount=”78″ custom_color=”#17c7e7″][tlg_skill_bar color=”success” style=”big-progress” title=”Average Admissions Increase” amount=”64″ custom_color=”#00839b”][tlg_skill_bar color=”success” style=”big-progress” title=”Average Savings” amount=”36″ custom_color=”#e7d10c”][tlg_skill_bar color=”success” style=”big-progress” title=”Average Profitability Increase” amount=”78″ custom_color=”#9b4700″]