Post-Acute Excellence. Together.

Partnering with health systems to deliver highly reliable care into patient homes and communities.

Graham Healthcare Group

Health Systems at Risk

Providers are weathering tight margins and projections indicate more of the same.

Graham Healthcare Group

Operational & Financial Success

Integrated home-based care isn’t just a pipe dream – we’re modeling successes every day.

Graham Healthcare Group

Partnership Advantage

Improve population health, quality, and patient experience within post-acute care.

Choosing the RIGHT Post-Acute Partner
Has Never Been More Critical

In today’s volatile healthcare climate, even the most well-established health systems are facing increasingly complex demands from new competition to ever-evolving payment and reimbursement models. Now is the time to align with a post-acute partner with proven success and innovative care delivery solutions.

Graham Healthcare Group

Elevate Your Capacity for Service and Growth

We work collaboratively in the face of today’s pressures of mounting demographic, reimbursement, and regulatory changes to pave a bright future. In joining forces, we bring the expertise, infrastructure, and capital needed to improve home-based care delivery service lines to provide the very best care to the patients and communities we serve.

Health Systems at Risk

Health systems and providers are experiencing unprecedented demands and their tightest-ever margins, with projections that indicate more of the same.

Value & Opportunity

Partnership brings tremendous value and opportunity to health systems seeking to drive innovation, reduce cost, and improve quality.

Graham Healthcare Group Partner Success

Graham Healthcare Group has been a collaborative joint venture partner to hospitals, health systems, and physician groups for more than a decade, annually providing care to more than 80,000 patients.

Graham Healthcare Group
Graham Healthcare Group

Trustworthy with Your Mission

As a trusted partner, we’re guided by our commitment to serve the health and well-being of all those in our care, delivering outstanding post-acute services to homes and communities.

An Aligned Partner for Years to Come

Unlike a conventional financial or strategic acquirer, Graham Healthcare Group deploys permanent capital in its transactions in a buy and hold strategy.

Learn About the Graham Healthcare Group Advantage.

Why Choose Graham Healthcare Group?

Graham Healthcare Group

Improve population health, quality, and patient experience within post-acute care.

Improving financial, operational, and clinical performance of post-acute service lines.
Investing in the patient experience and health of populations while reducing cost of care.
Supporting large-scale health systems and physician groups gain efficiency.
Care Delivery
Clinical programs aligned across the care continuum, extending into homes and communities.